Imogen Heap (@imogenheap) is a British eclectic, eccentric and innovative recording artist. Her talent spans from the craft of songwriting to elaborate live multi-instrumental improvisations with electronics, building on a unique voice, classical training and unusual interest and command of technology which is fully explored within and outside of her musical projects. Self-produced, independent, engaged, she blurs the boundaries between pure artform and creative entrepreneurship. Heap's last album, Ellipse, earned her a Grammy and Ivor Novello award. This summer marks the release of Sparks, her fifth and most ambitious album to date, which includes the glove song, Me the Machine. This year Imogen is the guest artist-curator for Reverb Festival, held at the iconic London venue the Roundhouse. The eagerly awaited Sparks world tour will begin at Reverb in August 2014.

Rachel Freire (@RachelFreire) is a designer and artist with an eponymous conceptual fashion label specialising in leather and stretch materials. Her work focuses on intricate details and using tactile objects to create narratives. She works across disciplines in all aspects of design which concern clothing and the body. She has a BA in Design for Performance from Central St. Martins and has most recently been creating specialist leather and gloves for Marvel Studios, lending the futuristic aspects of her design work to the heroines and villianesses of the big screen. She now feeds all this into the world of musical gloves.

Seb Madgwick (@xioTechnologies) is the director of x-io Technologies, making wireless IMUs and custom electronics. He is also finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Bristol this year, just in time to dive in to some serious glove development! His background is in systems engineering and robotics but he now spends more time collaborating with artists and creative technologists.

Thomas Mitchell (@teamaxe) is a computer scientist, researcher and electronic musician lecturing computer music at the University of the West of England, Bristol. His interests cover many aspects of adaptive sound design and interactive music performance/composition. He enjoys working with artists and has a genuine passion for developing technology that enables new modes of interaction and expression. His recent work includes the interactive dance and music multimedia installation and performance system danceroom Spectroscopy.

Hannah Perner-Wilson is a futuristic DIY e-textile expert who combines conductive materials and craft techniques. She is developing new styles of building electronics that emphasize materiality and process, and publishes her research online to support her vision for “electronic diversity” or increasingly personalized technologies. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from the University for Art and Industrial Design, Linz and an MA in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab and forms the collective KOBAKANT with Mika Satomi.

Kelly Snook (@kellysnook) is a researcher, engineer, musician, and maker based in London but transplanted from the US, where she spent nearly two decades as a NASA researcher. After leaving NASA, she worked for several years as Imogen Heap’s musical assistant, and now freelances as an independent data sonification researcher and music producer at her recording studio, It’s Not Rocket Science Studios. She holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.

Adam Stark (@mostlynoise) is a researcher, computer scientist and musician based in London. In 2011 he completed his Ph.D. at Queen Mary University of London on digital signal processing and audio analysis in live musical performances and installations. He subsequently co-founded the arts-technology education studio Codasign. He is interested in changing the way music is composed and performed through new technologies. He can be found working with artist Di Mainstone on the Human Harp, using audio analysis with artists in live performances or playing with London-based six piece band Rumour Cubes.

Chagall van den Berg (@chagallmusic) Chagall van den Berg is a vocalist, songwriter and electronic music producer from Amsterdam. In 2013 she moved to London to be closer to the invention of modern electronica where everyone with a bedroom can become a producer. Always having been interested in bringing electronic music to the stage in an intuitive way, she now writes, records and performs her work with gloves. In 2015 she created her glove song and live video 'Sappho Song'.